Conditions Treated

There are hundreds of different types of headaches. Our board-certified headache specialists treat all headache disorders and all migraine subtypes - no matter how rare.
If you’ve never been diagnosed, we can help you too.
Neura can be especially valuable for people who experience recurring headaches. The in-app headache tracker can help identify triggers and personalized insights.
Some of the most common types of headaches that we have treated:

Medications and Treatments We Recommend

Our clinicians are not limited to any particular brand or type of prescription medications. Unlike some online clinics, we are able to identify the best medication for your individual needs, regardless of brand or manufacturer.
Some of the most common medications our patients use are:

Stay on Track with Twice-Monthly Health Coaching

Our dedicated coaches offer education on nutrition, physical therapy, and biofeedback, as well as emotional support, to help you follow your care plan and find relief.

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With the support of my Neura care coach, I’m managing my condition so much better. My quality of my life has greatly improved!

- Rachel

Learn From Our Headache Experts

What kind of provider should I see about my headaches?
Why is tracking headaches so crucial to treatment?
Why does Neura Health focus on headache and migraine?

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Get convenient headache care on demand, video visits with licensed neurologists and physician assistants who really listen, powerful tracking to understand personal triggers, plus helpful resources.