The only nationwide teleneurology practice with whole-patient support

Our unique care model delivers a 3.5x ROI, better health outcomes and increased employee productivity, all while reducing medical claims costs.
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the problem

One-third of the workforce is being left behind

When common neurological conditions are underserved by the medical system, it’s a problem you can’t afford to overlook.

For headache/migraine alone, the impact to your business is enormous:
Cost to US employers of productivity lost due to migraine
Migraine and headache disproportionately affect people in their most productive professional years
Amount of costs that stem from presenteeism (decreased productivity at work)

The traditional neurological care model wastes time and money

Patients wait months for an appointment, and there are multiple rounds of trial and error with finding effective medications for each individual, with many ups and downs.

Proactive neurological care that drives clinical cost savings

Evidence-based care plus proactive, whole-person support delivers better health outcomes faster.
Proven results

Neura’s clinical outcomes were published in the peer-reviewed medical journal, Headache, in 2022

Increase in level of relief (global impression of improvement)
Reduction in ER and urgent care visit volume
Reduction in headache frequency
Reduction in headache severity

Achieve meaningful savings at scale

With superb sub-specialty access, you get better outcomes and lower costs.

Creating unparalleled access to high-quality neurology care

Neura’s network makes it possible for employees to find care quickly and easily
More available appointments than typical insurance networks
Access to Neura’s online booking, messaging, and tracking features
Hours to book an appointment with a board-certified neurologist

Providing a superior member experience

We’ve taken an experience with subpar access, fragmentation, and little continuous care, and turned it on its head. For the first time, employees have the support they need for chronic neurological issues.
Net promoter score
Monthly user engagement

Delivering quality care

We vet and train all the board-certified neurologists in our network, ensuring they are following and advancing our clinical protocols in neurological subspecialty care.

A transformational experience
that patients love

Semi Colon Illustration

I’ve lived with this since I was 9 years old. I’ve never felt understood before. I’m really feeling a difference now.

- Linda

Loved Dr. Berk - he’s probably one of the best doctors I have ever seen.

- Steve

A great experience to get the same level of service you’d get in office from the comfort of your own home.

- Jackie

The doctor really spent time with me, asking me a lot of questions...he took the time to get to know the whole me.

- Lisa

Their headache tracker is easy to use, and allows the doctor to review it in real time and make really helpful suggestions about treatment and potential triggers.

- Eileen

As a woman with multiple chronic illnesses, being treated as an intelligent person, deserving of equal treatment, being believed, and then receiving appropriate care was such a relief.  Thank you Neura Health.

- Mary

My experience with Neura Health was incredibly encouraging and validating.  The level of care is so outstanding from start to finish and the depth of knowledge is impressive.

- Shoshana

In the current state, I might be in pain on the floor and I call my doctor and they say ‘we can see you next Tuesday.’  With Neura, I can see someone today. I love this instant access to specialty care.

- Jackie

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Get a 3.5x ROI: reduced medical claims costs and increased productivity

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