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Neura is a virtual neurology clinic dedicated to providing top quality care to anyone, anywhere.
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Typical Neurology Care Needs Improvement

An appointment with a neurologist often involves long drives to access the best care available in the region.
Not every general neurologist  specializes in every issue, so depth of knowledge and quality of care can vary.
Patients often cycle through various treatments for months to years before finding something that actually works for their individual case.
Patients must not only deal with the debilitating effects of a neurological disorder, 
but also with the stress of everything that must be done to manage it.

Typical Neurology Care vs. Neura

Typical Neurology Care
Average Wait Time to See a Neurologist
4-6 months*
48 Hours
Convenient Video Visits from Home
24/7 Access to Care Team
Twice-Monthly Health Coaching Sessions
Medication Delivered to Doorstep
Transparent, Easy-to-Understand Pricing
Treatment Plans Built with Leading Experts
Personalized Digital Content and Support
*American Academy of Neurology

Life-changing Neurological Care

Increase in Global Impression of Improvement*
Reduction in ER and urgent care visits*
Reduction in depression levels (PHQ-9)*
Rate Neura as 

5 out of 5 stars
*Median change at 3 months of Neura membership

What Sets Neura Apart

Expert Neurology Specialists who Really Listen

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“My experience with Neura Health was incredibly encouraging and validating.  The level of care is so outstanding from start to finish and the depth of knowledge is impressive.”

- Shoshana

Personalized Treatment Plans and Proactive Approach to Care

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“They reached out to me to check in - communicated over the weekend - changed my medicine course as needed and sent a new script in within 20 minutes"

- Jessica

Biweekly Care Coaching provides emotional support and keeps you on track

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“As a woman with multiple chronic illnesses, being treated as an intelligent person, deserving of equal treatment, being believed, and then receiving appropriate care was such a relief.  Thank you Neura Health.”

- Mary

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