Meet Jasmine Bhasin, Physician Assistant, Headache Medicine

January 26, 2024
March 29, 2022
Meet Jasmine Bhasin, Physician Assistant, Headache Medicine

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Tell us a little about your background/training.

During my undergraduate studies, I knew early on I would continue my degree in the field of medicine. While discovering my career path during my first two years of college, I came across a panel of Physician Assistants that caught my interest. After much research and being able to shadow a Physician Assistant, I knew this was the career for me. I focused the remainder of my two years on this goal in mind. After receiving my undergraduate degree in Human Development, I attended the Western University of Health Sciences where I earned a Master of Science in Physician Assistant studies.

Tell us about why you chose neurology and headaches specifically - what interested you most about this field?  

The human brain has always been fascinating to me. The “Phantoms of the Brain” phenomenon was something that led my interest in studying the human brain further. This continued my focus on cognitive science and human development during my undergraduate years. I knew I would eventually focus my career in Neurology.

At the beginning of my career, I began to gain a passion for headache medicine. I quickly learned specific migraine procedures that allowed me to provide quick relief for patients with intractable headache episodes. This continued my motivation to focus my practice on providing headache management.

With so many treatments now available, this is an exciting time to help provide more relief for patients limited by headache conditions. Not only is there a lack of neurologists, there is an even more problematic shortage of headache specialists. There is also a lack of time and patient education in the primary care setting. This has driven me to continue my focus on providing headache medicine.

What have been the things you are most proud of in your career?

I am most fortunate to have worked alongside and trained under the guidance of several amazing neurologists and headache specialists. I am grateful to have continued spreading that knowledge when training other medical professionals who share the same goal of providing quality care in the field of headache medicine.

What have you learned from your patients that have helped you become a better clinician?

My passion has grown deeper over the years in providing migraine management. Witnessing the improvement in quality of life is what I find the most rewarding. This is what continues to motivate me to help and provide care, especially to those with limited access to healthcare.

A common area that is neglected in the primary care setting is focusing on lifestyle measures. This continues to be an area I focus on during my visits with patients. Even making a few positive behavioral changes to their daily routine can help improve the management of headaches.

What are you most excited about regarding your role at Neura?

There are so many new treatment options as of 2018. Working in General Neurology, I have come to realize the lack of patient education and initiation of many of these preventive and abortive headache treatments from the primary care setting. My goal at Neura is to help provide quality headache and migraine care virtually where I have the opportunity to access more patients worldwide!

Neura members can hold video appointments with Jasmine. If you'd like to book an appointment, start your Neura trial membership today!

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Jasmine Bhasin, PA-C
Jasmine Bhasin is a Physician Assistant specializing in headache medicine, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
About the Author
Jasmine Bhasin is a Physician Assistant specializing in headache medicine, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to joining Neura Health, she worked in the Department of Neurology at UW (University of Wisconsin) Health where she specialized in migraine and headache disorders. Jasmine began her career in family practice and aesthetics where she adopted an interest in alternative medicine. She continues to focus patient care based on preventative medicine with a holistic approach, where treatment plans are incorporated with non-pharmacologic management such as lifestyle changes, alternative medicine, physical therapy, and supplements. She also performs botox injections, supraorbital nerve blocks, occipital nerve blocks, and trigger point injections. Jasmine completed her undergraduate degree in Human Development at UC San Diego. She went on to receive her Master of Science in Physician Assistant studies from Western University.

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