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I’ve lived with this since I was 9 years old. I’ve never felt understood before. I’m really feeling a difference now.

- Linda

Loved Dr. Berk - he’s probably one of the best doctors I have ever seen.

- Steve

A great experience to get the same level of service you’d get in office from the comfort of your own home.

- Jackie

The doctor really spent time with me, asking me a lot of questions...he took the time to get to know the whole me.

- Lisa

As a woman with multiple chronic illnesses, being treated as an intelligent person, deserving of equal treatment, being believed, and then receiving appropriate care was such a relief.  Thank you Neura Health.

- Mary

My experience with Neura Health was incredibly encouraging and validating.  The level of care is so outstanding from start to finish and the depth of knowledge is impressive.

- Shoshana

In the current state, I might be in pain on the floor and I call my doctor and they say ‘we can see you next Tuesday.’  With Neura, I can see someone today. I love this instant access to specialty care.

- Jackie

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When is a virtual clinician's visit appropriate for neurological disorders?

Neurological disorders are unique conditions that often need extensive evaluation in order to ascertain a diagnosis. This includes a thorough history and a neurological exam. Although some aspects of the neurological exam can not be performed virtually, there is a standardized virtual neurological exam that has been endorsed by the American Academy of Neurology.

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