Video Recording: Q&A with Dr. Berk and CEFALY Team

January 26, 2024
December 16, 2022
Video Recording: Q&A with Dr. Berk and CEFALY Team

Neura Health is delighted to share that we have partnered with Cefaly to improve accessibility for migraine patients. Beginning today, Neura Health members will receive a 15% discount on Cefaly products* and Cefaly customers will receive $15 off their initial Neura Health membership fee. This is just the beginning of our partnership and we're so excited to improve care for patients living with migraine disease.

What is Cefaly?

Cefaly is a transcutaneous nerve stimulator that is placed along the tract of the trigeminal nerve, relaxing these superficial nerves and acutely and preventively treating migraine attacks. It is available without a prescription and can be used up to two times a day. Devices like Cefaly are a helpful way to expand your migraine kit so that you have resources beyond medication to preventively and acutely treat migraine.

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In celebration of our partnership, Medical Director Dr Thomas Berk, MD FAHS and Head of Social Cannon Hodge hosted an Instagram Live with the Cefaly team to discuss how neuromodulation devices benefit migraine patients and discuss the new Cefaly Connected device, that is bluetooth enabled to upload use data to the Cefaly tracking app. This information can be helpful to share with your headache specialist during routine appointments. In addition, Cefaly made its newest device more accessible for photophobic patients by dimming the blinking light once the setting and intensity has been selected.

* Message your Neura Health care team about how to receive your exclusive Cefaly discount

Things discussed in our Live

  • What neuromodulation devices are and how they can benefit migraine patients
  • Why neuromodulation devices are placed where they are
  • What nerves are stimulated when neuromodulation devices are used
  • If Cefaly can be used if you get Botox
  • If Cefaly and neuromodulation devices are helpful for treating vestibular migraine
  • How the new Cefaly Connected device differs from the Cefaly Enhanced device, how The Connected Device can benefit photophobic patients, and how its bluetooth connection can provide treatment information to your headache specialist
  • How to extend the use of your electrodes
  • Why neuromodulation devices can benefit patients who have medication adaptation headache
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Cannon Tekstar Hodge
Head of Content and Social Strategy
About the Author
Cannon Tekstar Hodge is the Head of Content and Social Strategy for Neura Health. She also is a chronic migraine patient and migraine advocate.

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