When Is the Right Time to Start Seeing a Headache Specialist?

When Is the Right Time to Start Seeing a Headache Specialist?

Not everyone who experiences migraine needs to see a specialist, but at a minimum, you should discuss your condition with your primary care doctor. This is because some medications may need to be avoided if you have migraine. Plus, your doctor should be aware, even if you are only using over-the-counter medications for migraine, as even those medications may not be for everyone.

But if your migraines start to become more consistent, you should seek out the advice of a specialist. Think about seeing a specialist once your migraines start to affect your quality of life.

Benefits of Seeing a Headache Specialist

Not all headaches are migraine, and not all migraines present the same way. Most headache specialists are neurologists, and they will ask specific questions about your headache to make sure you get the correct diagnosis. Neura Health's neurologists are headache specialists, and it's all we treat all day, every day.

Symptoms you might assume are those of migraine, could actually be a completely different type of headache, or possibly even a different neurological disorder. Many people experience headaches for years because they are treating the wrong condition. You may need to undergo blood tests or imaging, which your doctor can order. 

Headache specialists are trained to look at your triggers and help determine patterns. Based on this, you can get incredibly helpful non-medical recommendations - such as behavioral modifications that can make sense based on your lifestyle. Many times these are the missing pieces you need to finally see improvement after years of little progress.

Specialists Have More Headache Treatment Options

There are also specific treatments you might be able to access by seeing a specialist. Some insurance plans require that migraine medications only can be authorized if ordered by a neurologist or headache specialist. A specialist can also perform many procedures that can improve your migraine - this can include nerve blocks or Botox injections, or even certain intravenous medications to break up a severe attack. 

If you feel like your current symptoms are getting worse or the treatment you are getting doesn't improve your headaches, join Neura Health to take advantage of our neurologists' expertise in headache medicine!

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Thomas Berk, MD FAHS
Thomas Berk is Medical Director at Neura Health, where he treats Neura patients via video visit. He is a former Clinical Assistant Professor at the Department of Neurology at NYU Grossman School of Medicine.
About the Author
Thomas Berk, MD FAHS is Medical Director of Neura Health and a neurologist and headache specialist based in New York City. A former Clinical Assistant Professor at the Department of Neurology at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, he has over 12 years of clinical experience. He graduated from the NYU Grossman School of Medicine and completed his neurology residency at NYU as well. He completed a headache fellowship at the Jefferson Headache Center in Philadelphia. He is a Fellow of the American Headache Society and has been on the Super Doctors list of rising stars for the past five years.

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