How can a Physician Assistant Help You?

How can a Physician Assistant Help You?

As a Neura Health member, you have access to a board-certified Neurologist and Nurse Practitioner (NP)or Physician Assistant (PA) specializing in your condition. In addition, your PA works closely with your Neurologist as part of your care team, often will complete the initial or follow-up visits and will assist in answering questions. As a PA at Neura, I would like to continue to spread awareness of our role on how we may serve as a patient’s principal health care provider or assist in collaboration with your headache specialist.

Often physicians can be designated to focus on the business and academic settings of their medical practice aside from their clinical following. Accessibility to quality healthcare can be difficult at times or can fall behind in meeting all your needs. In addition, the waiting period for many specialists and even primary care providers can be more than a few months and some may no longer be taking new patients. Often a PA is a great resource for Physicians to incorporate in their practice when there is a high demand for patient care. This is where partnering with a PA can improve some of these gaps. A PA is a medical healthcare professional providing direct patient care.  

They essentially provide care in all specialties and primary care settings. As a licensed practitioner, they are authorized to diagnose and treat illnesses, prescribe medication, order diagnostic labs and imaging, and perform minor procedures.

Working with a PA has shown to improve patient satisfaction. PAs do treat their patients with significant autonomy and in collaboration with a Physician, this is fundamental to the PA profession in enhancing delivery of high quality care to patients. In addition, seeing a PA helps to reduce wait times and can provide prompt communication with the patient and family when needed.

PAs at Neura Health are an important component in providing accessible care and work in partnership with your Neurologist to help enhance your treatment journey. To learn more on the profession and the role of PAs in headache medicine, please refer to (link to blog post). I look forward to meeting with you at your next visit!

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Jasmine Bhasin, PA-C
Jasmine Bhasin is a Physician Assistant specializing in headache medicine, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
About the Author
Jasmine Bhasin is a Physician Assistant specializing in headache medicine, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to joining Neura Health, she worked in the Department of Neurology at UW (University of Wisconsin) Health where she specialized in migraine and headache disorders. Jasmine began her career in family practice and aesthetics where she adopted an interest in alternative medicine. She continues to focus patient care based on preventative medicine with a holistic approach, where treatment plans are incorporated with non-pharmacologic management such as lifestyle changes, alternative medicine, physical therapy, and supplements. She also performs botox injections, supraorbital nerve blocks, occipital nerve blocks, and trigger point injections. Jasmine completed her undergraduate degree in Human Development at UC San Diego. She went on to receive her Master of Science in Physician Assistant studies from Western University.

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