TikTok LIVE with Dr. Berk and Cannon Hodge (@migrainebabe)

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June 13, 2022
June 9, 2022
TikTok LIVE with Dr. Berk and Cannon Hodge (@migrainebabe)

In this video, Neura Health's Medical Director, Dr. Tom Berk, answers questions during TikTok live hosted by Cannon Hodge (@migrainebabe)

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Thomas Berk, MD
Thomas Berk is Medical Director at Neura Health and a former Clinical Assistant Professor at the Department of Neurology at NYU Grossman School of Medicine.
About the Author
Dr. Thomas Berk is Medical Director of Neura Health and a neurologist and headache specialist based in New York City. He has over 12 years of clinical experience, having graduated from the NYU Grossman School of Medicine in 2010. He completed his neurology residency at NYU as well and is a board-certified headache specialist, having completed a headache fellowship at the Jefferson Headache Center. He is an emerging leader of the American Headache Society and has been on the Super Doctors list of rising stars for the past five years.

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