Neura Launches Comprehensive New Educational Curriculum for Members

January 26, 2024
January 6, 2023
Neura Launches Comprehensive New Educational Curriculum for Members

The Neura Health team is pleased to announce the launch of a new personalized educational program for members in the Neura mobile app. This is one of the most comprehensive, dynamic and informative curriculums for headache and migraine ever developed. 

Our curriculum was created in consultation with experts in the field of neurological conditions– including headache specialists, physical therapists, registered dietitians, and health coaches. 

How Our Curriculum Works 

Curriculum topics by week

From the moment you join Neura Health, you are provided with unparalleled support.  Your care team includes a headache specialist, care coach, and care concierge. 

The new educational curriculum is accessed via the Neura Health mobile app.  It guides you every step of the way of your first 90 days of membership with a complete program of educational content, best practices and action items for managing your headache or migraine. 

Each week you will get access to new content on a particular topic, and the subsequent weeks build upon that foundation.

Personalized Content For You

All members automatically get access to a standard curriculum, which includes universally applicable content about managing headache and migraine. 

In addition, you will follow a personalized curriculum that is particularly applicable to your case:

  • After your initial appointment, your neurologist will assign you a care plan.  This is a custom curriculum that includes educational content about your particular diagnosis, medications and lifestyle modification recommendations that were discussed in your appointment. 
  • Your neurologist might also recommend individualized modules focused on physical therapy, exercise or nutrition, depending on your particular case. 
  • Your coach is always there to support you as you follow your curriculum. Your doctor and coach will be in regular communication to optimize your care. 

Varied Formats Keep Patients Engaged

Our content is designed to be dynamic and engaging as well as user-friendly and easily digestible. Our curriculum covers headache and migraine care from every angle, in an informative yet entertaining format. 

We know that patients have many different individual preferences or learning styles. Therefore, we use a mix of formats including video, graphics and illustration, along with animations. We designed our new curriculum based on patient feedback and user research and will continue to do so as we optimize and grow this program. 

Maximizing the Value of Neura Membership 

Our content is designed to help patients get the most out of their experience with Neura.  For example, Neura has always offered a digital headache tracker in our mobile app. The new curriculum better educates patients on how to use this tracker most effectively; we share how to interpret the data, and how to work with your care coach to make lifestyle changes as a result of that data for optimal relief. Your care team automatically receives your headache tracker data, which allows them to provide proactive care, such as proactively reaching out to support you and consider adjusting your treatment plan. 

Our ultimate goal with this curriculum is to educate, empower, and support you as you get compassionate, expert care for your headache disorder. All the components of our program (including your dedicated care team and custom curriculum) work together on your journey to relief.

We will continue to add to our curriculum on a regular basis. For example, we are currently developing sleep and vestibular modules. We look forward to hearing your feedback! 

If you haven't yet tried Neura, be sure to get started today to take advantage of this exciting new benefit. You can join here.

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Cary Sears, Head of Care Coaching
Cary Sears is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
About the Author
Cary Sears is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) with over 10 years of direct care experience across diverse settings including community agencies, medical centers, and digital health. He is currently Head of Care Coaching for Neura Health. Prior to Neura, he was a Senior Health Coach Manager at Noom where he led a group of managers that supported a team of remote health coaches focused on helping mobile app users live healthier lives by pioneering innovative ways to merge behavior change with technology. His previous professional experience includes conducting neuropsychological testing at the Cleveland Clinic. He earned a Master’s degree in Psychology from Cleveland State University and a Master’s degree in User Experience Design from Kent State University. His research experience is in the areas of coping with chronic illness, psychophysiology, and biofeedback. His passion is merging high-tech and high-touch interventions to create positive health behavior change.

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