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We know Instagram isn't the easiest place to find specific things, so we've made it super simple for you! Our new directory puts all of our helpful resources on neurological conditions, expert tips, and community support right at your fingertips. No more scrolling endlessly ‚Äď just the info you need, when you need it.

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How-to guides

How to prepare for your first MRI

How to manage during an MRI

How to prepare for the emergency room

How to prepare for daylight saving time

How to prepare for cluster season

How to explain that migraine is more than a headache

How to manage during holiday season

Navigating family dinner conversations regarding migraine and chronic illness

Navigating migraine in a conversation

How to minimize side-effects when titrating meds

How to prepare for your specialist appointment

How to manage migraine during a heat wave

How to manage migraine during thunderstorms

How to manage dysphasic aura

How to prepare for BOTOX

How to manage migraine at an amusement park

How to care for yourself during prodrome

How to support LGBTQIA+ community with migraine

How to advocate through language (migraine)

How to get involved in migraine and headache advocacy

How to pace your weekend

How to self-advocate

How to fast on Good Friday when living with migraine

How to fast for Ramadan when living with migraine

How to create a comprehensive acute toolkit

How to manage daily migraine symptoms

How to avoid the ER when living with migraine

How to manage tinnitus

How to improve your trigger threshold

How to decline an invite to a holiday party

How to self-advocate during the holidays


Migraine & headache disorders

What is allodynia?

Migraine without aura

Migraine and ADHD

Migraine and tinnitus

What migraine with aura feels like

Migraine and headache

Childhood migraine

Trigeminal neuralgia symptoms and triggers

Migraine and sensory aura

Migraine and hypertension

Why you shouldn't constantly wear sunglasses when you have migraine

Migraine and stroke

Birth control and migraine with aura

Migraine and genetics

Interictal period in migraine

Migraine cause vs. migraine triggers

How migraine impacts veterans

Facts about chronic migraine

Migraine and wildfire smoke

Cold stimulus and headache disorders

The link between migraine and suicide

What is the migraine spectrum

Migraine research and funding

How migraine auras happen

What happens to migraine during puberty

Why migraine can improve or exacerbate during vacation

Signs of childhood migraine

Is this migraine aura or transient ischemic attack (TIA)?

Can you underuse medication?

Status migrainosus and refractory migraine

Hypnic headache (alarm clock headaches)

Migraine during allergy season

Does Benadryl cause dementia?

How sleep impacts migraine

Success with migraine

New Daily Persistent Headache (NDPH) treatment

Medication adaptation headache

Outdated migraine terminology

Cluster headache vs. migraine

Does migraine impact your eyes?

Caffeine and headache disorders

What are let-down migraine attacks?

Why migraine transitions from chronic to episodic

What is central sensitization?

Hobbies for migraine

Barometric pressure & migraine

Impact of stress on headache disorders

Can daith piercing cure migraine?

Lifestyle measures for migraine

Treating a multi-day migraine attack

Migraine and genetic predisposition

Glossopharyngeal neuralgia

Migraine with aura

When to take your acute medication?

Migraine and dysautonomia

Trigeminal neuralgia

Migraine and ataxia

Chiari malformation

Migraine and patent foramen ovale (PFO)

Is ginger as effective as sumatriptan?

Reminders about migraine and food

Does Himalayan or Celtic salt cure migraine?

Light sensitivity and migraine

COVID and headache disorders

Abdominal migraine

Little-known facts about migraine

Do social media hacks help migraine?

Hemiplegic migraine

Why you get nauseous during a migraine attack

Retinal migraine

Migraine surgery and nerve ablation

Migraine and brain fog

Migraine with unilateral motor symptoms

Why your doctor always asks about your number of headache days

Migrainous corpalgia

Traffic light symptom scale and treatment decision tree

Cannabis and migraine

Exercise and chronic migraine

Migraine and GI disorders

Migraine and white matter hyperintensities

When to start your acute treatment

Why migraine evolves with age

Migraine with brainstem aura

Alcohol and migraine

Sinus migraine

COVID and migraine

Migraine and POTS

Types of aura

Phases of a migraine attack

Alice in wonderland syndrome


Vestibular disorders

What is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)? 

Why you feel dizzy with vestibular migraine

Dizzy tips 1

Dizzy tips 2

‚ÄćReality of living with vestibular migraine

Triptans and vestibular migraine

Navigating the world with vestibular migraine

Vestibular migraine treatment


Chronic pain

What is the nocebo effect?

Alternatives to spoon theory

Alternatives to traditional pain scale

Why providers push for lifestyle changes

When to see a neurologist

How yoga changes the brain

Kind things to do for yourself

Kind things to do for yourself during the holidays

What is a physician assistant?

What is self-advocacy?

What is acceptance?

Toll of living with chronic illness

Things you may not realize about migraine

How unsolicited advice can affect someone

Yoga and migraine

How exercise benefits migraine

How the MIDAS test works

Accepting migraine as a disability

Why you shouldn't compare yourself to others with migraine

Benefits of breathwork

Migraine and meditation

Accepting life with chronic migraine

What is the vagus nerve?

Challenges of dating with chronic illness

Pomodoro technique

Reasonable accommodations

Difference between care coaching and therapy

Difference between physician assistant and nurse practitioner

How care coaching decreases stress



Why you have neurological symptoms after a COVID infection


Persistent headaches after COVID

Long COVID, leaky blood-brain barrier & brain fog

Post-COVID neurological symptoms



Types of therapy for TBI recovery

When to see a neurologist for concussion care

Post-concussion syndrome


Sleep disorders

Weight and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

Can you snore yourself awake?

Sleep aids & when to take them

Does mouth-taping help with sleep apnea?

Types of sleep disorders



Is this stroke or a transient ischemic attack (TIA)?

Aphasia & stroke

Types of stroke and why seconds count

Primary and secondary stroke prevention

Stroke recovery



Can you have seizures and not know it?

Types of seizures


Essential tremor

Does alcohol help essential tremor?

Types of tremors



What causes neuropathy?


Medication/tool spotlight

Acute vs. preventive treatment

Accessible medication and patient assistance programs (migraine)

Migraine infusion options

CGRP inhibitors for migraine

IV drips for migraine

Off-label and lesser known treatment for migraine

PACAP for migraine

Nerivio for migraine

Zavzpret for migraine

Propanolol for migraine

Topiramate for migraine

Triptans and migraine

Magnesium and migraine

Benadryl and migraine

Namenda and migraine

BOTOX for migraine

Lamictal for migraine

Relivion for migraine

Cefaly for migraine

Nerve blocks

Occupational therapy for migraine

Acute treatment for cluster headache

Migraine attack tools for your desk


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Shruti is a chronic and mental illness advocate, sharing relatable insights as ChronicallyMeh on Instagram and her blog. With a global perspective, she candidly discusses the challenges of invisible illness, tackling topics like stigma, career breaks, and parenting with migraine. Shruti combines her empathy-driven marketing expertise with her passion for storytelling to help others feel less alone.

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