Watch: Managing Daily Symptoms with Migraine Strong

January 26, 2024
January 19, 2023
Watch: Managing Daily Symptoms with Migraine Strong

Yes! It is possible to have daily migraine symptoms, even when you're not having a migraine attack.

An active interictal period (the period between migraine attacks) can be quite exhausting and overwhelming to manage in itself. Patients with Chronic Migraine experience this due to central sensitization, which is when the pain areas of the brain become so overstimulated that they begin to misinterpret regular stimuli as pain.

These daily symptoms are just one of the reasons why migraine advocates and advocacy groups now urge people to use migraine in the singular (rather than in the plural), as migraines insinuates an acute condition.

Medical director Dr. Thomas Berk, MD FAHS met with the Migraine Strong team to discuss how to manage daily migraine symptoms so that patients can improve their quality of life.

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Cannon Tekstar Hodge
Head of Content and Social Strategy
About the Author
Cannon Tekstar Hodge is the Head of Content and Social Strategy for Neura Health. She also is a chronic migraine patient and migraine advocate.

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